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Pinsa Romana – Endive salad and Ligurian Olives

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Pinsa Romana’s particular mix of soya flour, rice, wheat and sourdough is excellent to obtain a dough mixture for a crunchy and tasty filling.
Although you could choose among many different fillings, endive salad is an important choice as you have a contrast between the stuffing’s softness and the crunchiness of double layer of dough.

  • Endive salade
  • Ligurian Olives
  • Pine nuts
  • Anchovies in oil
  • Salt
  • EVO Oil
  • Ice
  • Garlic (Optional)

First, you need to prepare the Pinsa filling. You need to wash, cut and boil endive in water and salt for about 1 minute. Once it is ready, you take it out of the pan and put it in a dish with water and ice to stop the cooking and keep its bright green colour. Next, take a pan and let the anchovies melt with a tiny bit of olive oil. Once the anchovies are melted in the olive oil, you can add the pine nuts to toast them as well as the Ligurian Olives, which will mix very well with the endive’s flavour. You need to make sure the vegetables are well drained in order to lightly fry it in a pan with the other ingredients until it is ready. If you like strong flavours, I suggest adding a whole or chopped garlic clove to the sauce.
Now, you need to concentrate on the Pinsa. First, you need to make two dough balls: the bigger one for the base and the smaller one for the top layer. You need to put some flour on the table to gently roll out the first base by keeping all the gases inside. Then, you will need to roll out the top layer and make sure that there are no bubbles on the surface to avoid that they burn while cooking. Now, you can put the Pinsa in the oven and let it cook until the dough is crunchy. Once you have taken the Pinsa out of the oven, you need to separate the top layer from the base to let out all the steam and keep the desired crunchiness of the dough. Once the Pinsa cools down, you can put the pan-fried Endive inside. Do not forget to add salt and EVO Olive oil. The recipe is finally ready!