I have often visited Dubai. I have been there mainly to help new restaurants and pizzerias planning the menu and organizing the work in the kitchen. People in Dubai are very demanding due to the great number of billionaires living there and foreigners receiving the best treatments. Italian food is by all means the best. Dubai is a different world compared to ours. It could be imagined as the Last Vegas of the Middle-East with its scenic appearance as much artificiality.

Dubai is a wonderful recreation ground for tourists and by now an undisputed business centre. People might be shocked by the richness of Dubai. The desert is full of cathedrals, literally, futurist skyscrapers built in any direction including the highest in the world known as Burj Khalifa. In Dubai, there are only beautiful white cars to tolerate the heat. The police drive Maserati and wherever you look it is very cleaned. Windows shops are actually huge aquariums with big fishes inside. The shopping mall in Dubai currently hosts an indoor ski area with slopes covered in snow. In the city, a river replaced the sand. Women and men in the underground are clearly divided. While drugs are implicit tolerable within inner circles, drug traffickers are punished with death. If on the one hand, everything is covered in gold and diamonds.

On the other hand, humble people work twelve hours per day and earn one thousand euro each month (only if they speak English, otherwise they would earn even less). The first time I went to Dubai with Riccardo Rinaldi and Alberto Di Marco was for the Gulfood 2013 fair. In this occasion, I experienced something very special. While I was performing in my pizza acrobatic show, the most famous US hip-hop band Run DMC came to see me. The band started with an amazing performance, which was also voluntary and spontaneous. It must be because I love their genre that it was a moment out of this world. Would you like to see it with your own eyes?