Europe’s heart: Bruxelles

I have been three times in Brussels to attend an important pizza fair with Rinaldi Superforni and Corrado Marco’s company. Trade shows are always a great showcase for people like me working as a pizza-chef. Moreover, they are valid opportunities for exchange, discussion and, why not, interesting and pleasant public relations. What was the best food I ate in Brussels other than pizza? I ate meat cooked in red beer. This is a traditional Belgian dish worthy to try if you decide to visit the city. At this point, we have already mentioned the symbolic product of the European capital: beer. People in Belgium are used to drink lots of beer, usually very good, at any time of the day and night. It is even cheaper than water: 2 or 3 euros for a large pint of beer and 7 euros for a bottle of one litre water. Going back to food traditional products, there are also delicious waffles and chips, chopped in big slices, with the skin on and served with tempting sauces (samurai sauce is my favourite). What was the worse food I ate in Brussels? Well, following local culinary traditions, the answer is sea snail soup got it from a stand next to the famous statue of Manneken Pis (Little man Pee in Dutch). Let’s say that I ate the hot dish only because it was freezing. Although the city is wonderful, it is also neglected just like a woman not taking care of herself. Initially, Belgians seem to be very reserved and detached. However, once they trust you they become friendly, even affectionate and happy to make friends.