My trip to Den Haag

In Holland or European Greenhouse, the most traditional food products are fish, vegetables and cheese. It follows that, the main ingredients in the Dutch diet are fish, vegetables, tubers, legumes and dairy products. In order to make the menu for the pinseria in Deng Haag, Pinsologi, I decided to use very fresh ingredients. Sometime ago, before the launch of this refined place, two more pinserias had been opened in Bali, Indonesia.

Holland is entertaining and very transgressive. Although the cold weather, people spend lots of time outside (e.g. the use of bicycles not matter what). They love to go out and visit museums not only at the weekend. The country offers great opportunities with its architecture and art.

The pinseria new opening achieved great success straight away: people were pleased with the combination between the Italian know how tradition and the respect of local products. Truly speaking, I struggled to eat herring, bread and onion for breakfast but I am proud of the mix between pizza and swordfish, grilled salmon and gouda cheese. Despite football competitions, the combination between orange and light blue is the combined victory.