Tokyo: a different world!

I have been twice in Japan, a totally different world compared to Italy. Houses measure 15 square metres, melons cost 200 euros, the obsessive attention to details and the use of the miniature art both for food and gardening. Also, women’s voice is very soft almost grotesque and their attitude extremely respectful.

Japanese people love the Made in Italy and consider the Italian pizza a sacred food product; so, sacred that signs on the pizzerias are written in Italian instead of Japanese. Some restaurants have even kept some of the Italian original dialects. Here, there is the “Pinsa de Roma” as we would find it written both at Trastevere and Testaccio.

In both occasions, I worked together with the Italian-Japanese restaurateur Kunihiro Giuliano Este, who is also the manager of the first Sushi-Japanese restaurant in Rome. Este is the owner of two excellent restaurants in Japan. My working experience with him has been a real challenge, which I have successfully achieved. However, the costs of foreign or not ordinary raw materials have raised great concerns in Japan.

The cost of mozzarella, for instance, is around 6 euros per kilo in Italy and 45 euros per kilo in Tokyo. It follows that, it is difficult to combine a high-quality gourmet menu, suitable for customers’ sense of taste, with the respect of food cost fixed limits. Well, we did it! Moreover, during the press conference journalists and food critics were ravished by our pizza filled with bass and fresh Italian truffle.

Watch the video of my trip to Tokyo!