United Kingdom: tradition… And pizza!

Over the years, I have also visited Cambridge, Oxford, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh because of my job. I must admit that other UK cities were more fascinating than the beautiful and interesting London. The cities of Cambridge and Oxford, for instance, are lively, full of young people, many Italian students and with a detailed and organized city planning. In both cities, I trained the staff working in some pizzerias to prepare pizza in pala. Although the serious appearance of these cities, they are actually lively and ready for a change. If I did not eat the variety of food from different Italian regions, I would have not been ready for Scottish traditional food. An example? One morning, for breakfast, I had haggis. Initially, I thought they were simply cure meat until I ate some with bread and eggs and discovered they were not. Minced sheep offal (heart, lungs and liver) and kidney (organ of the animal) mixed with onion and cured meat inside the stomach and boiled. After this, I was not hungry anymore…

In Glasgow, I worked with Madame Giovanna Eusebi, clearly Italian, owner of the Eusebi Deli: a two floors restaurant with open style kitchen is by now the reference location for citizens, who love the place for the high-quality of food and the refined furniture. The relationship between me and Giovanna is not based on business anymore but on friendship: same objectives, similar tastes and same will to improve in the job we love. Such harmony could lead to important job related news in the future. Follow us and you will soon know more.

Going back to England, I extremely love English breakfast. Scramble eggs, which I prefer to Americans scramble eggs as they are less creamy and soft, tomato beans, sausages, crunchy bacon, mushrooms and toasted bread. This is one course tasty dish that goes with hot black tea or a big mug of coffee. Beer, therefore, is not the only drink available. However, it is well known that in England the consumption of beer is very high and serious are the consequences. As soon as the weekend starts London is full of young people looking like zombies, sprawled on the floor careless of the cold and the lack of cleanness; shattered by the heavy drinking of the night before.