Zadar – Croatia

In Easter 2014, I was invited to Zara in Croatia to give technical advice to a big pizzeria located in the main square of the city centre. I would strongly recommend to visit the historical capital of Dalmatia during the summer holidays. In Croatia, from the hinterland to the coasts and islands, it is possible to admire the suggestive Venetian inspired towns, the wonderful sea and the amazing sea side. Borik beach, a few kilometres far from Zara city centre, is a long sandy shore with pebbles used for amusement and equipped with swimming pools and slides. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it! Let’s keep focused on food.

In Croatia, which is very closed to our country not only in terms of kilometres, our pizza in pala al trancio has been a great success. Pizza gourmet has been not only an original change but also a variation to the standard meat and fish culinary tradition in Croatia. Moreover, Pizza gourmet is different compared to the conventional pizza given the mix of its special flours with little calorie values and extremely easy to digest. Moreover, the pizza dough is light, crunchy at the bottom and soft in the middle. The filling, abundant and solid, is made only with fresh, seasonal, local and well-selected ingredients, which are mixed with haute cuisine. If you decide to visit Croatia, I suggest you try the traditional pudding: Rozata, a kind of crème caramel made with eggs, and to have it with a glass of Maraschino wine.